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Time to spare
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So, this is... super late. LJ people, I think you should stop expecting posts from me, because I am just not capable of writing them anymore. When interesting stuff is happening, I am too busy to write about it, when shitty stuff is happening, I don't particularly want to write about it and the rest of the time I am boring.

But I wanted to do my New Year meme anyway.

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In 2013, Inny...Collapse )
28th-May-2012 12:45 am - Dear subconcious: STFU
angry babs
It's gone from 'you call this spring, I'm wearing gloves' to 'oh god why is it so hot' in a week, and with the humidity and high temperatures have come... bad dreams! Yes, my self-fulfilling prophecy of 'hot weather gives me stranger dreams' has turned into 'hot weather gives me bad dreams'.

I think there should be a distinction between nightmares and bad dreams. To me, nightmares are scary. Monsters, werewolves, zombies, something chasing you... stuff that is more horrormovie. Bad dreams are just dreams about bad things.

Bad dreams are no goodCollapse )

Other than that, life has been fine. I am being social, doing fun things like going to the Book Market (so many discounted books!) and to Aken and visiting the new knitting shop and eating Frozen Yoghurt at Frozz. I'm planning my birthday party and will be baking cupcakes (with help, because I messed up the just-add-water-brownies last time) and am planning a PolClary photoshoot with some friends.

Though today, I tragically lost my wooden stool before its time. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but I was standing on it at the time it collapsed into several pieces. I'm completely fine, though the cat freaked the hell out and I mourn the loss of my stool. It was so pretty! And I had decoupaged it entirely.
5th-May-2012 06:08 pm - Dream come true
When I was still studying at the VAC and lived in Belgium, I went home to my parents every weekend. For one, I could travel for free with my student card, two, I didn't have to cook and three, there was one washing machine for over twenty people and no guarantee your panties wouldn't be stolen and sold online, so I went home to do my laundry.

Every Sunday evening, the bus would pass this awesome abandonned factory. It had been taking over by squatters years ago and bedecked with cool graffiti. The abanbonned house in front of it had been painted, fixed up with a mish-mash of materials in a really cool DIY style. The garden was full of artwork (from what I could see between the hedges) and there was a tree house that looked kind of like a boat.

And then, of course, there was the metal dragon.

For four years, I wished I could go there, maybe take some pictures of the great wall-art, get a glimpse at the treehouse. But squatters were scary people, and you were kind of trespassing on their property. You'd be running around their garden snapping pictures, and that would probably make them cross. Also, I am a big wuss.

Two weeks ago, while planning our weekly 'knit night' (knitting not required!) one of my friends suggested: Why don't we go eat at the LBB? They have a vegan restaurant every Monday.

My ears perked. The LBB (short for Landbouw Belang) was the name of the squatters building. After some Googling, I learned that the LBB was more of an artist commune, with art exhibitions, cultural movie nights and the weekly vegan restaurant (first monday every month is vegeratian night! Whoo, dairy products!)

We put in our reservation, and that monday night, we loaded up our craft supplies and went to the LBB. I got to take my coveted pictures, go up the horror-movie spiral staircase, and enjoy the industrial-salvage-chic restaurant vibe. Part of the bar was made from old washing machines and the furniture was a mismatch of old café chairs and school tables, comfy sofa's and armchairs. The lamps were made from strings of white paper shopping bags. It was repurposed interior heaven.

We ate interesting vegan food, I had the most amazing risotto stuffed tomatoes and a delicious carrot cake. We chatted and crafted and did our own dishes, which was part of the rules. It was a great time.

Here be dragons (and very large pictures)Collapse )

So in short: after 4 years of 'if only', I found out that if I had just had the balls (or the intelligence to google the place), I would have gone to the LBB a lot sooner. But now that I know, I'm going to be going there a lot more. In fact, we're going there again for monday night craft night.
This week had been a whirlwind of odd dreams. I'm pretty sure my dreams get weirder when I'm hot. Last night I forgot to turn off the heating and man, my dreams were weird. Epic, but weird.

It started on Wednesday, when I had a semi-nightmare about driving through a tiny town I went in the lesson before my exam. My driving was terrible, I was lost and in a state of panic and Neal Caffrey from White Collar was sitting next to me berating me and sighing angrily at my terrible driving. When I woke up, I wondered why I was having this dream after getting my license and proving to myself I can succesfully drive on my own. It just seemed to backward.

Thursday I had another weird dream, though I can't remember the details exactly and I forgot to write it down.

On Friday my housemate had her birthday party (five months after her birthday, so it was more of an excuse to throw a party with vegan cupcakes and epic dip sauces, really). I went to bed pretty late and had two dreams that kind of... meshed together really well. The birds woke me up, which was why there was such a weird break.

Of course Wolverine knows signlanguage...Collapse )

So in short: Glowy eyes and being dressed like people in the Hunger Games means you're evil, Neal Caffrey is an asshole when you're a bad driver, Wolverine knows sign language and rabid chimps and bears are not good additions to a petting zoo.
AM2W Hail
Well, now... I really should make an LJ post, shouldn't I? Basically, my life is three things at the moment, none of which are very LJ-worthy. It's either boring, kind of depressing, or fun-for-me-but-who-cares.

I don't really want to talk about the less fun things, because I am working on them and trying not to think about it outside of that, you don't want to hear about the boring things because you don't care I found a really cool fox stamp and my housemate's cat is an arsehole who doesn't understand the concept of the snooze-button.

So down to the exciting-for-Inny-thing!

I finally, finally, finally got my drivers license. Whoo!Collapse )

In other exciting news, I bought a dining room chair at Ikea for half off. It is red.

See, I told you that my life isn't very exciting anymore.
1st-Jan-2012 01:09 am - Bring on the zombie apocalypse
Happy New Year, LJ. I am celebrating by drinking Mountain Dew out of a fancy glass and soothing my roommate's cat as he hides under the bed.

In 2011, Inny...Collapse )
In 2012, Inny...Collapse )
29th-Dec-2011 09:37 pm - Travel Adventures and consumerism
She returns to LJ with Travel Adventures! After like, two months. I'm sorry, LJ, but being a grown up is rather boring. I work, I do grocery shopping, I cook and clean and do laundry and sometimes I nearly cause fatal accidents during driving lessons. In my spare time I spend my Hard Earned Money on Yeti plushies and ceramics with cartoons and witty sayings on them and doodle things.

In the last few weeks I have invited Granny over for Christmas (what's this? An award for Best Granddaughter? Why thank you, you're too kind), made things on my rickety sewing machine (named Oliver), sent people holiday cards Like An Adult, sent friends presents, been spoiled by presents from my family, and eaten too much.

Yesterday evening I traveled back to Maastricht from my parents and experienced Travel Adventures. I stepped on the train and took a seat and saw a cat carrier bench. Hurray fluffy animals peeking out, I thought. Only there was no fluffy animal in it. The kitten was laying on a boy's lap, looking completely relaxed and comfortable being pet and having his ears nudged.

The unbearable amount of cute lasted two stops, when the boy had to get out and transfered the kitten to the girl he was with (it was her kitten). It blinked, looked around and promptly snuggled up to her and went back to being pet and snoozing. Until right before Maastricht, when it tried to make an escape to the lap of the man who had taken a seat across from them.

Across the aisle, the pretty girl across from me and I were squeeing. Then, when she finished her magazine, she offered it to me. It was one of those really thick, 300 page glossy magazines. I accepted, a little dumbfounded (figuring I could always use it for collages). Kittens bring people together!

Cut for rambling about presents and consumerismCollapse )

So all in all, I have been spoiled with awesome Christmas presents, being an adult takes up a lot of time but gives you fancy things like money, and kittens on the train are adorable.
30th-Oct-2011 06:35 pm - Having a job is awesome.
SBP Pirates
Being an adult, besides the whole 'do your own laundry and groceries and cooking' part is pretty cool. I'm settling in at my job, getting faster at it each day, and I seem to have been designated the 'doggy' shows. Nobody else in the office besides one of the managers really likes doggies. (Anything is better than Dr G or Kate plus 8, though. I want to smack all of them.)

Another thing being an adult entails is standing up for yourself. My salary was not paid because of Mysterious reasons, most likely bank-troubles. I spent three days e-mailing, talking to surperiors, talking to people at the bank and biking back and forth between my work and the bank. But finally, I got paid. I'm just lucky I share a flat with a friend who likes me and was willing to pay my share of the rent upfront. If I'd been living on my own, I would have been in deep trouble.

To celebrate, we went on a Pretty Awesome Shopping Spree.Collapse )
9th-Oct-2011 01:12 pm - Why isn't it 2012 yet?
angry babs
Well, I spent much of the weekend being adult. I did the laundry, dried and folded it (I dream of a dryer, my towels now feel like sandpaper) while listening to loud music, because nobody is home except for the cat. We keep each other company, he sleeps on my bed and doesn't mind when I talk to the television.

Being so responsible may be influencing my dreams. Well, that, or the fact that my brain is craving the new Michael Grant AND IT'S NOT OUT UNTIL 2012. The Gone series is an amazing series. In a small town in California, all of a sudden everyone over the age of 15 dissappears and a giant, inpenertable barrier surrounds the town. That would be bad enough, but then, some kids find out they're starting to develop powers.

It is a terrifying book, and a bit of a modern day, supernatural/sci-fi Lord of the Flies. (Only I don't want to punch all the characters.) The brutality between the kids, the rift between 'normals' and 'freaks', the power struggles and emotions, they're all very real. Michael Grant writes children and teens very well, and even the not-so-good-guys are believable and sometimes even likable. Or at the very least sympathetic or understandable. There are so many shades of gray.

There is so much suspense, and my mind apparently keeps moving forward to the point where the barrier will go down. Sam, one of the characters who from the beginning has been put into the 'good guy leader' role, is terrified about being held accountable for the things that happen inside the barrier.

Spoilers for the series being the cut.

And in my dreams, I'm always Sam.Collapse )

So, to cap it off: Inny is very grown-up, except for the fact where she reads and dreams about YA fiction. And you should read Michael Grant's Gone series, because it is the best thing ever.
4th-Oct-2011 09:44 pm - I get paid to watch television
AM2W Hail
The second day on the job, and I have to say, I really like this job. It actually feels like being paid to watch TV. It's mostly Discovery, which includes Animal Planet and TLC, the channel that brings you all the best bad-for-you television (such as Toddlers and Tiaras, Cake Boss and Snog, Marry, Avoid). I've done a whole episode of something about motorcycles already, which was very educational, and now have an episode of Cake Boss, which is Loud Italian Guy Makes Weird Cakes.

At the end of two months they want us to do forty minutes of subtitling a day, which should be doable. I'm around fifteen-twenty minutes a day now, with checks and administration. We all were, and the managers looked pretty surprised. It's great, all my colleagues are former classmates, so there is no awkwardness about new people. There's also no weird 'these people are adults, so I have to be careful what I say' vibes. The managers are nice (and very Belgian) and encourage us to ask questions.

I am very surprised at how much I like this job. I wasn't very good at subtitling when I took the minicourse in school. To be fair, we needed to spot (time) the subtitles in that class too. Here, the times have been set, so all you have to worry about is getting the information on the two lines. Also, I think my previous internship taught me how to not translate word-for-word.

In other words: being an adult so far... actually quite alright.
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